• Related News in the Media

    April 2023

    View the latest news related to talc-related claims across The Mirror and Bloomberg News.  


  • Stories from Our Claimants

    February 2023

    An article published via the Daily Mail Online shares the stories of some of our affected claimants. It highlights the link between the contaminated product and the triggered tumours, resulting in cancer diagnosis.

    "When Maureen Wright was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, both she and her husband Jeffrey were left reeling in disbelief.

    Maureen simply did not fit the profile of someone at risk of the disease."

    You can read more of the article here.

  • My Talc Claim in the Media

    January 2023

    More news about My Talc Claim may be shown across social media, online advertisements, in the newspaper, on the London Underground, or even on the radio.  

    We are raising awareness about My Talc Claim and want to ensure that anyone who has been affected by a diagnosis, or knows someone that has, and suspects their diagnosis could be linked to their use of talcum powder is aware of our claim and efforts to bring justice on their behalf. We’re committed to bringing justice to those who deserve it.

  • My Talc Claim in the News

    November 2022

    Please click here to access extensive news coverage of My Talc Claim